MICC, Detroit River biofuels use featured in “Michigan Farmer”

Nov 15, 2023News

Readers of MICC’s quarterly newsletter will recognize the topic of biodiesel as part of the larger clean transportation conversation in Michigan. MICC participates in a Clean Ports Working Group facilitated by Argonne National Laboratory and is engaged in the Detroit/Wayne County Port Authority Decarbonization Project. These collective efforts to increase marine vessel use of biodiesel are getting attention with a photo slideshow and article in October’s Michigan Farmer bulletin covering the July Clean Port workshop.

Increased activity this year through the Detroit/Wayne County Port Authority’s Decarbonization Plan aligns with continuing efforts to drum up interest in low- and zero-emission fuels among port and port-related businesses connected with the Detroit River. Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision’s (SDEV’s) Healthy Business Initiative and Michigan Clean Cities’ Coaching and Technical Assistance Initiative are working to support grant and incentive pursuit by port and port-related businesses. The July Clean Port workshop was followed by sessions through the Detroit/Wayne County Port Authority, SDEV, and MICC, the latest being a November 8 Healthy Business Mixer hosted by SDEV and Latino Press. These workshops inform and recruit eligible applicants to apply for funding and connect those who are ready to use biodiesel with vendors, such as Warner Petroleum Corporation. Those ready to connect with biodiesel experts and providers should also consider attending the Clean Fuels Conference in Fort Worth, Texas, February 5–8, 2024.