Clear the Air for School Kids

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yellow school buses

Our goal is to clear the air Lansing area children breathe by reducing school bus idling time and installing emission solutions.

Through Clear the Air for Schoolkids, districts have access to informational resources that allow them to find quick and effective ways to initiate anti-idling policies. Grant funds can also help cover the cost of emission reduction equipment or cleaner fuels. By joining us, you can help make a safer learning environment for Lansing area children and educators.

School bus emissions impact our communities in three ways:

School bus emissions threaten public health: School buses emit harmful particulates and ozone pollutants when idling which can aggravate asthma and other respiratory conditions. Children are especially susceptible to these toxins because their respiratory systems are still developing and they are closer to bus tailpipes than most adults.

School bus emissions harm the environment: Along with ozone pollutants and particulates, emissions include carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and other toxic gases.

School bus emissions cost school districts and taxpayers money: An idling school bus can burn a half gallon of fuel in one hour. With the large number of school buses on the road, the cost of this wasted fuel can add up quite quickly!