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Aug 19, 2021News

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With renewed focus on cutting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from state, federal, and corporate
decision makers, fleet managers can expect additional attention on fuel and vehicle choices to meet
existing and new policies. Michigan Clean Cities is ready to help fleets adapt to a clean fuel paradigm
through our re-designed fleet consulting service. Whether a regulated fleet or not, all fleets can benefit
from adapting to cleaner fuels. This fall, there are grant funds and incentives available for clean fuels and
vehicles – we can help you access up to 70% rebates for the cost of clean vehicles!

Existing regulations include a long-standing rule, the federal Energy Policy Act (EPact). EPact applies to
the energy usage of state government fleets and energy providers. For those fleets, compliance waivers
may become harder to secure as increased attention is put on cutting GHGs from transportation. Fully
complying with EPact is a good approach for regulated fleets to demonstrate their commitment and
impact on cutting GHGs.

Michigan Clean Cities can support fleets in fuel and vehicle planning and procurement. Services include
analysis based on payback period, return on investment, emissions profiles as well as identifying
incentives and grants to reduce the out-of-pocket cost for switching to clean vehicles and fuels. Drawing
from the vast resources through the U.S. Department of Energy’s Clean Cities Initiative, Michigan Clean
Cities’ fleet consulting service offers participating fleets answers to make it easier to choose which
vehicles in your fleet ought to be replaced with which alternative fuel and when. We take a fuel and
technology neutral approach in order to fit your operation with the most suitable low-emission vehicles
and fuels.

Interested fleets should contact James Leonard to set up an initial meeting at